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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Feminist Mental Gendernastics vs the MRM - More Anti-Male Shaming | HBR Talk 36

May 18, 2018

Join us on this week's HBR Talk as we look at another set of thought-terminating cliches identified in Exposing Feminism's Catalogue of Anti-male Shaming tactics: Those used in Emasculation attempts & Gender role...

Is Thor Ragnarok Feminist? | Nerdcast 78

May 18, 2018

Join us on the return of the nerdcast as we look at a video we made about a movie we watched. This weeks film: Thor: Ragnarok.

Independent Comic Artist Declared Jihad on Edmonton Comic Shop with Micah Curtis | HBR News 159

May 17, 2018

Join us on this week's news show as we look at the events of the week, including catching up on the latest in #ComicsGate, Yale investigates anti-male discrimination, more female teachers blowing their students, and...

Looking at Cosby, Turner and Incels with retired Lawyer John Davis BA JD LLM | Fireside Chat 83

May 15, 2018

Join us on this week's Fireside Chat as we speak to legal expert John Davis on several topics including his involvement with the MRM, the Cosby trial, Alec Minassian, the Parkland shooting...

Badgering through feminism's tone police | HBR Talk 35

May 11, 2018

Join us on this week's HBR Talk, in preparation for the next step on our trip down memory lane, we examine the shaming language feminists use to control the dialogue on gender issues.