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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Jun 23, 2015

We won’t be putting on any shows the week of the 21at to the 26th because we’re on the road again.

This time we’ll be skipping Calgary and traveling all the way to British Columbia Canada to attend Gamergate meet ups in Vancouver and Victoria. 

The meetup in Vancouver will be held at 5 pm on July 4th at Mahoneys and Son on Stamps landing:

601 Stamps Landing, Vancouver, BC

The Victoria meetup will be the day before at 5 pm on July 3th at: 

Interactivity board game cafe

723 Yates St, Victoria, BC

And we also have secondary meet up locations if anything… salty should happen.

Our secondary meet up locations are as follows:

Charlston Park in Vancouver

Pioneer square in Victoria

Be there or be... not there.

Support us one time! 

Or forever...

Art by B. Pavlica.