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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Students going their own way? | HBR Talk 144

Jul 31, 2020

This week, HBR Talk will dig into the subject of school choice, its relationship to the quality of service provided by educational institutions, and the implications it has for improving the current educational environment for boys.


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Black Lives Matter Takes A Black Life & the $250 Million Smirk | HBR News 266

Jul 29, 2020

This week in HBR News: Ghislane Maxwell's trials, the Marc Angelucci murder, the Bernard Trammell murder, the WNBA is in the news for some reason, Nick Sandmann smirks all the way to the bank, and more!


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Start Here: HBR Weekly Digest 36

Jul 27, 2020

Enjoy a bite sized version of a week in badger.
For 13th-18th July 2020


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Exploring "The Way Of Men" Part 1 - The Tactical Virtues: Strength | Brian's Badger Lodge

Jul 26, 2020

Join Brian's Badger Lodge as we talk about "The Way of Men" by Jack Donovan. In today's show: "The Tactical Virtues" specifically the first entry, Strength.


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Evolution of an intellectual knee-capping machine | HBR Talk 143

Jul 25, 2020

This week, HBR Talk will examine the concept of political correctness: What it is, why you’re constantly told it’s the norm, and how it’s used to subjugate men.


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