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Join the Honey Badgers as we rantzerk on Emma Watson's interview where she cannot for the life of her understand why men can't accept feminism into their hearts, how else can they save their soul?

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Pewdiepie a Nazi? Milo a pedophile? Cucumbers at 50 Shades Darker? This and more on the Polecat Cast

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Not long ago, an Anita response would have made efficient clickbait. Now she's yesterday's news. Progress?

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Join the Badgers in the return of the Fireside Chat as we talk to Dr Warren Farrell, and talk about how to bring the conversation regarding men and boy's issues to your friends and family!

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Join the Honey Badgers as the Classic Trio discuss a piece that attempts to make the case for how feminism's "love" for men will save them from... themselves.

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Join the Honey Badgers on the 100th episode of the Polecat Cast as we talk about the news of the week! This week, be our valentine as we look at the return of tits to Playboy, gamers return to E3, Marvel starts to wake up, and more!

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It's the Bianco Footwear commercial. It's been an emotional superbowl. We'll see who's purged by next year.

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Discussing animal models of behavior and mating. How common is Matriarchy? Are we really related more to Bonobos than Chimps? What are the origins of cooperation?

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Join the Honey Badgers on the Pussycat Cast as we look at some more stories of the week! Such as the Women's Strike, Dear White People, and more!

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Join the rantzerkers Alison and Karen as they respond to the Lich Queen Hillary Clinton!

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