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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Oct 30, 2015

Behold as we punch higher up than we've ever punched.

Oct 30, 2015

Join the Honey Badgers as we talk about the recent dust up between Laughing Witch and Thunderf00t, Breitbert's coverage of the Red Pill documentary and we ease the pressure on our gigantic mail sack.

Oct 30, 2015

Join Karen and Alison as they discuss... how Social Justice Warriors have to inflict pain to end it! Peace is war! Freedom is slavery! Ignorance is bliss!

Oct 29, 2015

Join the Honey Badgers on the latest Nerdrevolt as we discuss the recent happenings including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau calling out GamerGate, South by Southwest and more happenings!

Oct 27, 2015

Join the Honey Badgers as we discuss our favorite worst plot holes in film, TV and other media!