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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Reading Your Mental Health Stories | Men's Mental Health 8 with Prim Reaper

Oct 30, 2018

On tonight's show, we'll be reading some of the stories you sent us of your experiences with the mental health system

Talking Lithium in the Water and Raping Sleeping Beauty | Doge and Aydin Show 9

Oct 27, 2018

Join Brian and Aydin Paladin as we talk about a proposal to put lithium in the water to prevent mental illness and the recent Amnesty International cartoon depicting Prince Charming as a rapist of the spellbound...

Warren Farrell and the protest that launched the culture war w/Justin Trottier | HBR Talk 57

Oct 26, 2018

Join us on HBR Talk for a discussion with Justin Trottier on Dr. Warren Farrell's upcoming talk at the University of Toronto, his previous talk 6 years ago when his presence on campus was protested, and the campus environment surrounding...

Are Trump Voters Woke on Anti-Male Discrimination? | HBR News 182

Oct 25, 2018

Join us on the HBR News show as we look at the events of the week! This will include surveys that suggest Trump voters believe men are more discriminated against today, male workplace deaths in India, a woman who tortures her child to get back at her ex,...

Talking About Possible Issues Within the "Cal Arts" Animation Studios w/ EZ PZ | Fireside Chat 94

Oct 23, 2018

Join us on the Fireside Chat with guest EZ PZ and his story of what has been going on within the animation industry involving personalities behind Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and...