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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Nostalgia Chick on Being Hated on the Internet | Rantzerker 117

Oct 30, 2019

Lindsay Ellis, also known as The Nostalgia Chick, spoke at the XOXO Fest to talk about her experience with Nazis on the internet, because you see, Nazis dehumanize people. Join Karen, Alison and Brian on the Rantzerker as we watch her talk and put our own two cents in.


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WOMEN... IN.... SPAAAACE...... Thanks To Men | HBR News 229

Oct 30, 2019

Join us on the HBR News show as we discuss the news of the week, including the James Younger case of the 7-year old child whose mother wishes to transition, the socially awkward student who was charged of sexual assault for touching a girl's arm, dialling 999 when men catcall you, and more!


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Talking With Youtuber RJ About ComicsGate, Comic History & Why It Matters | Fireside Chat 132

Oct 27, 2019

Join us on the Fireside Chat with our special guest RJ, who's YouTube channel the Fourth Age discusses the history of heroes, archetypes, and the current subversion in the industry by progressives and feminists, and why that matters.


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Messages For Men 2019, Male Psychology News & Who's Afraid of Naomi Wolf? | Week In Men's Rights

Oct 26, 2019

Join us on the Week In Men's Rights as we look at the latest news regarding men's issues with British badger Belles Natty and Elizabeth Hobson! This week we will be talking about the upcoming Messages for Men conference, the growth of the Male Psychology Network, Naomi Wolf's book is pulped for bad info, and more!


Femininity so fragile - keeps your red flags redder! | HBR Talk 106

Oct 25, 2019

Praising fathers is offensive to whammon... they react to it like Smeagol to skin contact with elven rope. But why? Because guys... you're not doing it right. But what is "it?" Well, that'd be anything whammon also do, but with a different method or approach than you have. Obviously your way has to be inferior. HBR Talk...