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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Mysteries of the inexplicable: A tale of two conferences - HBR Talk 98

Aug 30, 2019

Join HBR Talk as we discuss the invisible gathering of domineering patriarchs that was sighted from afar by twitter feminists in the very same location as our International Conference on Men's Issues. This phantasmal shindig allegedly took place right under our very noses, undetected, as we held our event. How did...

Talking With Man Going his Own Way Bob Lewis About His Unique Google Lawsuit | Fireside Chat 126

Aug 28, 2019

Join us on the Fireside Chat as we talk with MGTOW and Red Man Group member Bob Lewis about his new approach to the free speech war against the big tech titan Google. What tactics will be employed? How will this pan out any different?


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Gillette Takes a "New Direction", HuffPo Gets Sued, Heterosexuality Cancelled! | HBR News 222

Aug 28, 2019

Join us on the HBR News show as we look at the honks of the week, including the Huffington post getting sued for defamation over Brett Kavanaugh. Gillette deciding to change their marketing focus, toxic gamergaters in the classroom, heterosexuality is just not working, and more!


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MRAs dondu nuffin! and other "robust feminist arguments" | HBR Talk 97

Aug 9, 2019

HBR Talk takes a moment to consider some of the opposition we've encountered from twitter feminists, who seem to be quite irate that we have the audacity to discuss men's issues without their supervision


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El Paso & Dayton Shootings Symptoms of Same Problem, But Most Don't Know What It Is | HBR News 221

Aug 7, 2019

Join us on the HBR News show as we look at the honks of the week, including the recent shootings at Dayton and El Paso as well as the state of Gillette and lawsuits against California universities, and more!


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