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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Harry Crouch on Award for HBR & Article On ICMI 2019 Emerges! | Week In Men's Rights

Oct 19, 2019

Join us on the Week In Men's Rights as we speak with The National Coalition For Men's very own Harry Crouch, who has sent a surprise to the Badgers! Also an article from one of the presstitutes who came to the International Conference On Men's Issues 2019 releases his article! We read and react!


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Parental alienation, an under-recognized form of abuse | HBR Talk 105

Oct 18, 2019

HBR talk examines the phenomenon of family bond obstruction, including parental alienation, and discusses the recent screening of “Erasing Family,” a film which investigates family bond obstruction from multiple perspectives. That event was co-hosted by the badgers on October 12th in Saskatoon.


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SPOILERS AHEAD! Does the Joker Movie have Anything to Say About Men's Issues? | Nerdcast

Oct 17, 2019

Join us on the Nerdcast as we discuss the new film that's been the talk of the town: Joker. Does this film have anything to say about the issues facing men? Is it really the counter cultural magnum opus we've been waiting for?


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What is the antivirus? | HBR Talk 104

Oct 11, 2019

HBR Talk continues last week's examination of how the mentality of workers within the federal bureaucracy impacts men's issues. This week, we'll consider the path forward in light of that problem, what that means in terms of men's rights advocacy.


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Crippling effects of the Bureaucratic Mind virus | HBR Talk 103

Oct 4, 2019

HBR Talk examines one major hurdle to legal and social reform that hasn't received enough consideration: The mentality of workers within the federal bureaucracy. This particular brand of brain-on-autopilot behavior threatens to undermine its implementation. How does this affect men's rights advocacy?


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