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honeybadgerradio's podcast

Vice Hunts the Dreaded Incels and are Losing Their Minds | Rantzerker 144

Nov 30, 2021

Join us on the Rantzerker with Alison, Brian and Karen as we look at a video from Vice where they investigate the dread incel!


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"I Hate That Men Don’t Want Me" | Dear Badger 14

Nov 27, 2021

Join us on today's Dear Badger Show as we look at this blog by Ossiana Tepfenhart where a woman finds herself being rejected by men and struggles to deal with it. Allow me to break out the tiny violin.


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Three secret reasons CRT is in your schools! | HBR Talk 202

Nov 26, 2021

This week, HBR Talk will discuss issues surrounding the imposition of critical race theory on students and families in local school systems, the demonization of parents who have questioned this initiative, the use of federal authority as a weapon against those parents, and of course, that coincidence that is totally not...

Reading Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales: The Four Skillful Brothers | Red Chill Cinema 12

Nov 25, 2021

Join us on Red Chill Cinema as Alison & Brian look at The Brothers Grimm and discuss storytelling as well as look at how stories have changed as a result of the ideological possession in mainstream pop culture space. This week: The Four Skillful Brothers.


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The Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict Fallout, Austria Goes Back to the "Old Days" | HBR News 333

Nov 24, 2021

This week on HBR News we discuss some fallout that has come from the recent verdict regarding the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse including the truck of peace attack in Waukesha, Austria lockdowns are nostalgic, the passing of Robert Bly, and more!


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